Key Achievements

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Latest Certifications - Credly

  • Microsoft Azure: Solutions Architect Expert

  • Microsoft Azure: Security Engineer Associate

  • Microsoft Azure: Network Engineer Associate

  • Microsoft Azure: Administrator Associate

  • Microsoft 365: Security Administrator Associate

  • Aruba Product Specialist: Aruba Central

SCCM 2012 R2 Implementation

I was the lead resource to implement the corporate SCCM 2012 R2 service for a company with more than 8,000 Workstations.

The project was to consolidate three SCCM 2007 environments into one SCCM 2012 R2. This involved understanding the configuration of each setup and create a plan to harmonise the packages, task sequences and software updates before configuring the new environment.

The features which were configured are software deployment, operating system deployment, patch management and desired configuration management.

I am responsible for providing many reports to senior management to make decisions on the future state of the company’s infrastructure using data from SCCM and other data sources.

I created in-depth documentation for the support of SCCM which was handed over to a 3rd party organisation that mange the environment day-to-day and I work very closely with the Service Manager for that service.

I have created processes for certifying new hardware in SCCM and setup features for extended hardware inventory that was missing from the vanilla installation of SCCM to allow extended data to be collected.

Scripting in Various Languages

I really believe in automating processes where possible because it reduces the possibility for human error. The requirements mainly come from seeing processes which are laborious and lengthy; using scripts to ensure the process is completed consistently and on time is something which can normally save hours and hours when done correctly.

I often use PowerShell for business and personal projects. I have re-written VB Scripts and Batch/Command scripts into PowerShell so that they can be supported by a new era of IT people who don't know the original scripting languages.

A personal project I did in PowerShell was to take all of the photos from my wedding (which came from many sources) and renamed them using the "date-taken" or "date-modified" attribute... I also needed to modify the date/time if people hadn't corrected it in their phone or camera. The outcome was that I had photos from many different angles throughout the day from different friends and family and they were all organized in chronological order.

For a work project - I created a script which exported certain attributes from several Active Directory domains into SQL so that they can be queried alongside SCCM and other inventory data. This had to be a robust and solid solution which required little maintenance so I used PowerShell and Microsoft SQL Server to create it, and it runs with minimal support effort and can be expanded easily when new requirements are made.

SQL Queries

Since working with SCCM I have found a new passion for data – being able to access this data and make it available at the click of the button is something which I enjoy developing.

Writing automated reports where information is gathered automatically from different systems is good for planning the future of the company’s infrastructure.

I have learned how database views and tables are written so that I can join different data sources together to get all of the required information based on the requirements I am given.

Microsoft Intune

There was a requirement to deploy a corporate application to 150 devices. I setup Microsoft Intune with our EMS license and Azure AD I was able to do this within a few days. I learned how to wrap applications for Android and iOS (even though this wasn't part of the initial requirements) but felt it might be useful for the future.

HR System Integration With Active Directory

There was a requirement to synchronise the data between our HR System (which contains the master data) and Active Directory. I created a custom solution which allowed me to expand my knowledge in PowerShell and SQL databases; this is because the requirements and budget would not fit an off-the-shelf solution.

I had to ensure that all of the teams involved understood how the solution would work, which involved talking to teams in technical and non-technical language.